Why Don't You Go Out And Watch A Movie At Home?

- Sep 20, 2018-

With the popularity of smart home theater, so that more and more do not have to deliberately run to the movie theaters lined up new films, but leave home, pick up the remote control can be fast and comfortable lying on the sofa to watch their favorite movies, it is not difficult to find, with the development of the living room theater, so that the enjoyment of audio and video is no longer " In the future, more and more middle class will be able to join in and have their own cinemas. The rise of intelligent home theater concept is not only the development trend of AV industry, but also a multi-integration process of humanities, science and technology, art and many other fields, at the same time, it conforms to the trend of social trend and meets the needs of more users.

With the smart home theater, users do not need to struggle to find movies, a huge amount of the latest hottest Hollywood movie blockbuster to watch, do not need the traditional cumbersome operation: in order to open the lights, sound, amplifier, player, projector equipment, pull curtains and so on, only need to gently, all equipment immediately ready to complete, Feel free to start watching immediately, without disturbing yaxing for these tedious operations. Then through the intelligent control of high-level integration, just press a key to open the cinema mode, the projection screen slowly lowered, curtains automatically slowly closed, projector, DVD, stereo automatic one by one, which lights automatically open, those lights automatically closed. All you have to do is choose a favorite movie, a TV channel or a piece of music.