Interpreting What Is Home Theater Surround Feeling

- Sep 20, 2018-

Depth: A sound experience formed by a series of overlapping stereo images. The basic condition of forming sound field is environment atmosphere. The farthest aspect of the recording program is the distance between the microphone and the farthest ambient sound and instrument. 

Continuity: For multichannel systems, the surround sound field should be seamlessly articulated. Sound from front to back or from one side to the other should be smooth and uninterrupted. 

Surround sound cohesion: this element refers to the frequency transformation produced by the panning in the sound field. Tonal transformations are difficult to solve because our ears produce a tonal transformation when the sound is shifted vertically or horizontally. 

The sound system should be able to restore all the audio and video positions in the recording signal in three-dimensional space, and the audience can easily locate these panning positions. Each of the audio sounds in the recording signal is combined to form a circular sound field that surrounds the audience. The correct surround sense requires that the sound field is 360 degrees seamless, in the sound field is not due to the speaker level is not correct or the pendulum error caused by too high or too low area. The sense of surround requires three-dimensional sound field, but the most important thing is to create the sound field of the environment.