How To Add The Finishing Touches To The Home Theater Design

- Sep 20, 2018-

1. Cinema space. Home Theater, as its name implies, is the theater system used at home, so it must have a place to be housed, a living room, a bedroom, a study, or a dedicated audiovisual room. 

2. Home theater size directly affects the home theater effect. Small room best not use big speakers, big room also don't use small LCD TV, this is the basic common sense of optional equipment. 

3. Home Theater room ratio. Do not choose the room length and height ratio of the room to do an audio-visual room, or the strong standing wave will make all efforts to naught, and good equipment in such an environment will not have a good sound. 

4. Home Theater Acoustics Processing. Home theater equipment want to play to the best effect, home theater decoration design is indispensable, carpets, sofas, bookcases, hanging pictures, curtains and so are good tuning props, diffusion, absorption and other processing more than a few of the environment is better than the light wall. 

5. The equipment is fastidious with the skill of collocation.