Home Theater Subwoofer How To Use

- Sep 20, 2018-

Subwoofer is a common name or abbreviation for everyone, strictly speaking should be: overweight bass speakers. For example, the entire sound frequency band is a person of flesh and blood, then low is the basic skeleton of sound, if is the body of flesh of the sound, and high frequency is the sound of the decoration, that is, the details of the reflection. 

Overweight bass for human ear can be heard is and its limited, but it is the other senses will feel, this is the feeling of shock! In terms of sound and home theater to reflect the needs of audio program sources, overweight bass is only in the specific program source exists and needs to be restored, there is it, can make the program source restore more robust, no it, It gives people the feeling of lack of power and energy. For example, in a cinema or in reality, we can feel the power and energy of the plane take off, but if our home theater is not equipped with a subwoofer or configuration unreasonable, we can not feel the shock, but that is all.