Design Is The King Of Private Home Theater

- Sep 20, 2018-

1. Aesthetic Design said that the private theater interior decoration is a single handle out, and audio and video effects unrelated? no! decorative design and audio and video design of the relationship is complementary, the effect is icing on the cake. SMD-style lamp belt not only the appearance of graceful, the blue light is also fastidious, it with the downlight of the lamp, the most caring for the viewer greeting, bring the most intimate comfort to the eyes.

2. Audio and video design The ingenious design is a complete alibi-don't you know that there is a long diagonal tube behind the curtain? The twill-weave sound screen has a high quality picture and sound effect. Use the double screen, the front for high-definition imaging sound screen material, from the most fine place to compensate for the sound effects of quality loss. The screen frame supports any custom size without sacrificing aesthetics.

3. Custom Design In the audiovisual room design, 1000 projects have 1000 kinds of room structure, which requires the designer professional knowledge is solid enough to integrate flexible. The rear structure of the room is special, and the owner requires design to meet the variable requirements.