Three mistakes in the inventory of home theater and purchase

- Sep 20, 2018-

1. Power amplifier too large: Some shoddy ordinary four-channel amplifier is only the traditional two-channel stereo expansion into four channels, with four speakers before and after the sound to create such a effect, no sound field positioning and space-delay reverb Dolby directional logic surround effect,

At all, the effect and quality of AV amplifier. In fact, the general family living room listening area is not big, buy main channel power 100W, Central, surround channel 30W amplifier is enough. 

2. Too much emphasis on the built-in karaoke function: Ordinary home theater generally choose VCD Machine, DVD player as a signal source. Consumers should not buy the machine, but should buy a digital correction and digital noise reduction circuit of the single-disc machine, in order to reduce the high-speed operation and color signal interference caused by the image distortion phenomenon, for those who like to listen to music consumers can buy with CD dedicated output terminal machine. 

3. The monitor is too large: many consumers mistakenly think that home theater configuration of the display screen size is bigger, but in fact, the TV because of the relationship between the scan line, the screen becomes larger, the image of the details of the outline of the blurred, to give people a rough feeling, so generally choose the size of 29 inches or so of the TV is advisable.