Market competition analysis and future change of home theater industry

- Sep 20, 2018-

1. Marketing channels. Packaged home theater System products as a kind of enjoyment, simple channel expansion does not bring the positive proportion of sales growth. At present, the store will still be the main way to enter the terminal, especially the large set of home theater products. 

2. Brand-leading products. From 1999 marks the historic upgrading of home audio system, to 2000 will be a combination of hi-Fi and home theater, and then to the 2002 music terminal to create a new era of home theater entertainment, each new product out, all reflect a stage of the development trend of the audio market. 

3. Product technology leadership. With home cinema products into the quality of the era, only product technology leader is the enterprise and its brand based on the most fundamental focus of the market. 

4. Service and cost-effective. Product quality is only the first step of integrity, from after-sales service, maintenance and other components of the "nurture" task more difficult and complex, the real service concept should be from product development has begun, to the whole process of after-sales service to consumers-centric.