Home theater turn Wind: From private audio-visual to living room cinema

- Sep 20, 2018-

1. In the past a long period of time, for high-end audio-visual equipment shopping, there is a considerable part of not used in the living room, but many audio-visual enthusiasts have their own independent audiovisual room. The existence of this situation has a very strong characteristics of the times: no broadband and 3G, TV programs almost become the only video resources, combined with the small size of the television, so "hide into the hut into a unified, let him East Wind", has become a lot of media enthusiasts inevitable choice. 

2. A small room, renovated into an audio-visual room, the TV screen is not very large, but the speaker equipment to first-class, sound effect has become the main pursuit. Home Theater, a "private audio-visual room" for individuals to enjoy audiovisual works.