Home theater speaker style which one do you choose?

- Sep 20, 2018-

If the technology is perfect, whether hi-Fi or home theater box sound, there should be no style problems. Accurately restored, with only one sound. But completely accurate, does not exist. Really close to the exact restoration of the style, is not added msg listening. 

Monitoring is not not distortion, but the pursuit of the smallest distortion. This and we usually play the hi-Fi or there is a difference, listening to the taste of plain, less sound dye, there are many people do not like. Hi-Fi is more or less people to modify the tone to cater to the listening interests of speakers. Monitor speakers use the most is in the recording studio, the need to be as realistic as possible to record the sound, which requires a performance as far as possible real distortion as far as possible to make a reference to the speaker, this is the monitor level of the speaker.