Home Theater How to buy a speaker

- Sep 20, 2018-

1, test low-frequency quality inferior loudspeaker produced by the low-frequency can be the ear if deaf, but is completely the kind of bloated loose thick, lack of layering and strong sense. Good low-frequency should be clean and crisp, hierarchical, and will not be muddy, even if a variety of low-frequency instruments such as the size of drums, bass guitar and piano bass, can easily distinguish out.  So do not be easily fooled by the low-frequency sense of quantity, inferior low-frequency than clean sound to the natural comfort. 

2, test if the vocal human voice is the most often heard the sound, good or bad is not difficult to detect, pay attention to whether the human voice has an unusual nasal or be sipping the mouth sound feeling. The "box sound" of some loudspeakers also greatly interferes with the mid-frequency so that the sound in this band is blurred.  Intermediate frequency tones are more severe than other frequency tones because most audible frequencies, or music frequencies, are concentrated in the mid-range, which is a replay barrier for almost all types of music. 

3, testing high-frequency flexible sense of low-grade high-frequency is sharp sound harsh, listening to people's headache, the extreme situation of the violin or soprano into the sharp noise of the brakes. Similarly, the different instrumental music in the treble produces different textures, and a good treble can be distinguished from one another.  The most easy to grasp is that a good treble is not back to listen to fear, the pores erect, it will not make the more sound tired, and it is flexible and elastic, young slippery and layered, high to the highest point can still be easily heard but will not produce a change of tone. 

4. Test high volume and sound field knots some speakers are stable during the bass volume, but will be distorted when the volume is raised to an exponent, or "beat Edge", and there are various non-recording music signals (with the 12-point volume as the Safe Test standard).