Sound System for Home

The Sound System for Home hits the mark on great-sounding audio for all the music that fills your life. The JSUN'S Speaker Home Cinema is not your run-of-the-mill floor standing Tower Speaker. The Cube Bluetooth Speaker gets a massive boost even at the lowest frequencies.

Product Details

The Sound System for Home hits the mark on great-sounding audio for all the music that fills your life. The JSUN'S Speaker Home Cinema is not your run-of-the-mill floor standing Tower Speaker. The Cube Bluetooth Speaker gets a massive boost even at the lowest frequencies.

This product can surround you in wonderful music. At the same time it will inevitably become part of the home life. Therefore, our engineers not only considered the match with the TV, but also carefully designed the appearance and color of the product from the home environment, and rigorously scrutinized the details. The equipment will be harmoniously integrated into different styles of homes and will enhance the quality of the home.


Product Name

JERRY 3.1 The Cube Radio Bluetooth Speaker Home Cinema

Output Power

80W + 18W x 3

Subwoofer Size

8 Inch 

Tweeter Dimension

613 x 3

S/N Ratio

≥75 dB

Model Number: DH3
Material: Wooden & Plastic
Voltage: AC 220V ~ 250V

Support Equipment

MP / PC / TV / DVD / Bluetooth / FM / USB / SD / MMC / MP3

Accessory: A Remote Control/AV Cable/ An User Manual
CertificationCE/ SGS


1. The Sound System for Home has a built-in center speaker unit, which makes the vocals generated during the viewing more precise and real.

2. The cabinets are connected wirelessly via Bluetooth, which gets rid of the shackles of the speaker cables and looks more beautiful.

3. It uses superb production technology and sound effects to bring you a full range of listening experience.

4. The wireless subwoofer uses high quality acoustic materials to enable you to enjoy high quality bass sound.

5. The high-band technology makes the transmission more stable and prevents the interruption of the playback process.

6. It is available in a variety of listening modes to suit your needs.

Inner Parts

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